OLED Design - Dynamicube by Giorgio Traverso

Giorgio Traverso

The Dynamicube floor lamp by Italian designer Giorgio Traverso (http://www.gtad.it) comes as a simple cube made up of eight illuminated smaller cubes. Three simple hinged movements invert the lamp: its outer surfaces all become inner surfaces and vice versa.

Dynamicube can be easily produced in series, given that its main structure is composed by the assembly of interlocking pieces having the same shape. The framework is made of aluminum (a plate of a few millimeters shaped with a thick laser cut technique) and is covered with special polycarbonate films. A sorter box is used for the exterior, which is assembled without any screws or bolts. The project takes inspiration from the patent of Peter-Michael Pfeiffer in 1964 and its following evolution made by Naoki Yoshimoto in 1971.

If you are interested in incorporating this fascinating design into a commercial product, please contact us atshop@organic-lights.com.