We are going to need a gigantic increase in OLED fabrication

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We are going to need a gigantic increase in OLED fabrication

Dennis McCarthy explains how OLEDs are going to enter every day’s life in the near future.

I can think of 20+ OLED manufacturers that are turning out many tens of thousands of OLEDs each month. These fabrications with their varying degrees of prowess will have to push the output to the millions range fairly quickly. This reality goes for the major players – the second tier, lesser known names – the consortiums AND the academic concerns…all involved will need to maximize the OLED output flow. I’m going on about circumstances already known by those parties. It is a fact that demand of the products, AMOLED displays chiefly, are going up like a skyrocket.

So where does this surge in demand come from? Not to sound trite but A is for Apple…

This is a firm that is bound to help sales totals for three or more OLED fabricators, that’s a certainty. The good folds in Cupertino will be incorporating OLED tech in to all their units at some point. In the near future whether phone, device or computer, those “I” whatevers will be sporting AMOLED displays. That explains where some of the demand will come in to play.

OLEDs in their role as interface points with robots – wow, watch this segment go to the mesosphere. Think about this, we’ve heard of robot helpers through the media for decades…

Between robotic vacuums and autonomous bipedal robots, they are inching their way to ubiquity… What self-respecting robot maker is going to fit out their 21st century robot with some anachronistic LCD display – unless they were to replicate that goofy robot on “Lost in Space” – Danger – Danger, a 1960s era robot as an analog to being outdated – very apt.

Meanwhile over at the malls which are seeing thinned out crowds, I can guarantee that those alluring transparent OLED displays will beguile the average shopper. A merchant choosing to forego the TOLED communication platform as a slow adaptor will regret that bold move.

The see through screens will be tied in to security and will feature enticing ads speaking to you as if you were Tom Cruise, only taller. (In case you got lost here, have another look at “Minority Report” for inspirational purposes.)


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