The brilliance of the new OLED lighting designs

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The brilliance of the new OLED lighting designs

Reflecting on the recent Light & Building in Frankfurt, even we OLED enthusiasts have to acknowledge that quite a lot of the 200K visitors will probably have left the show without seeing even one OLED light at all. It is hard to ignore that the overwhelming majority of the exhibitors took a rather cautious approach, despite tremendous advancements in technology as well as cost over the recent years.

It almost seems that a lot of the improvements since the previous exhibition in 2014 have gone unnoticed by the vast majority. So, is OLED lighting really not good enough for interior lighting, as the CEO of a well-known European LED manufacturer would lead us to believe?

Well, I wouldn’t be here writing this blog if it hadn’t seen a lot of encouraging signs too, particularly by visitors to the booth of LG Display, which undoubtedly had the best display of OLED products and solutions at this year’s fair. Quite a number of designers who encountered OLEDs for the first time were actually thrilled by the design possibilities, especially in terms of shape and material. After the event these discussions made us think of why there are only few finished applications commercially available, as the concept of OLED hasn’t changed that much since Light & Building 2014. What happened to all those design ideas that surely must have sparked interest back then as well? And indeed, some thorough research into the depths of the internet revealed quite a number of innovative design studies featuring OLED technology. We were delighted and instantly decided that those bright ideas had to be given a proper platform thus, our OLED-Design page was born and has been constantly evolving ever since. So if you are a manufacturer for interior lighting and looking for innovative and new products, why not have a look at some OLED ideas – our designers would be delighted to tell you more about their ideas. To get more details about a specific design, please contact

OLED-Design: Fom
OLED-Design: Gaya
OLED-Design: Lumen-S
OLED-Design: Ona
OLED-Design: Split
OLED-Design: Wandleuchte


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