Organic Lights brightens up the OLED market

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Organic Lights brightens up the OLED market

About a year ago, after talking to lots of people in the business, we spotted a gap in the OLED market. Whilst OLED was a term that was being bandied around as the technology that allowed lamps and lighting to move into a new generation, designers and enthusiasts were finding it difficult to get information on the available products and get hold of the panels and lamps themselves.

So, we created Organic Lights to offer a platform that brings everyone together to enjoy the brilliance of the lighting source of today. Organic Lights can unite designers to manufacturers to DIYers in order to share a common interest in OLED. We have the perfect mix of expertise, marketing power and a huge network of business contacts. We are the only solely OLED-based company in the World which means that OLED always takes precedence; the lamps and panels take pride of place and are not tucked in the back pages of a design catalogue. This feeds into our company philosophy that OLED technology deserves to be championed in its own right.

Market analysts have predicted that OLEDs could achieve a 20% market share in the coming years if the right mix of cost and technical performance are satisfied. For this reason, Organic Lights focus on the promotion and marketing of this wonderful technology to bring it to the attention of a wide audience.

Our website recently went live and what we are asking for now is that you help us to create this platform of shared opportunity and information so that anyone interested in designing their own lamps from the panels, buying the finished products or just reading how to incorporate OLED into their plans, can head over to us and find everything quickly and easily.

To get involved or for more information, please email We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Dennis McCarthy Dennis McCarthy

    It's great to hear of both the Organic Lights endeavor and this forum. I am an OLED advocate and use them in my home.
    My expectation is that the sales of OLEDs will go well, once people use them they love their natural illumination.
    I'll make sure to mention Organic Lights to folks looking for a retail outlet for OLED panels & wares.
    Thanks to the Bright minds behind this innovative OLED sales approach - p.s. any color tunable OLED units yet?

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