OLED innovation sets up shop in Swiss shopping mall

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OLED innovation sets up shop in Swiss shopping mall

The interactive OLED wall in the Swiss shopping centre of Regensdorf is one of the first of its kind worldwide. Explore for further details on the animated OLED installation.

Regardless of the weather, large indoor shopping centres are often amongst the most frequented attractions of many towns and cities.

One of the challenges the management of these malls has to solve is the distribution of visitors throughout the different parts of the venue in order to keep all shopkeepers happy – even the ones that are perhaps, a little further off the beaten track. To make sure customers venture to even the farthest corners of the shopping centres, they are often adorned by stylish decorations, art installations or interactive events in an attempt to look fresh and showcase innovative ideas.

A completely new, and so far unique approach was taken by the main shopping centre in the Swiss town of Regensdorf. A large OLED-wall was installed at the far corner of one of the less frequented areas and has now become one of the main attractions of the entire outlet. Integrated cameras observe the movement of passers-by and software transforms the results into a digital animation. The wall itself contains 315 square OLED panels with a glass surface mirroring the surroundings while displaying the animation. The OLED-wall has received a lot of attention far beyond the local area and since become a magnet for visitors.

Are you interested in the technology or perhaps in a similar, customized installation for your venue? Contact us at support@organic-lights.com for more information.


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