O-Drive 1200 - The driving force behind your OLED design.

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O-Drive 1200 - The driving force behind your OLED design.

One of my favourite features of OLEDs is how simple it is to make them into a light source. No extensive knowledge on heat management or optics for safe operation is required, really just plug & play. But is it though?

What about powering up the panel, how do I find the suitable driver? This was actually one of the first questions we asked ourselves when looking at OLED lighting panels. Not much help can be expected from the panel manufacturers, either they don’t offer drivers at all or the drivers are so specific that they can only be used for the OLEDs of that specific manufacturer. The latter can be quite frustrating in the early stages of a project when one just wants to compare the different solutions on the market to select which OLED fits best. What can easily be found in various configurations are constant current power supplies. The problem here however, is that they tend to be quite bulky and offer only one output current. That means essentially that a design must start with looking for the available standard driver configurations on the market and then fit OLED size, quantity and brightness around that – not the ideal approach for a creative design. And finally a shred of doubt remains as all standard drivers are made for LEDs: Can OLEDs be operated with them safely as well?

Something needed to be done and after a lot of design work and testing, we are proud to present O-Drive 1200 – the first and only DCDC OLED driver of its kind. The basic design idea was to offer a maximum flexibility to the user about which, and how many panels we could connect in the smallest possible package. The latter is very important considering that a thin and lightweight outlay is one of the main characteristics of an OLED. O-Drive 1200 allows you to design an application that is equally thin and can easily be hidden behind the panel.

Amazingly compact: O-Drive 1200
Size Comparison OLED driver Goobay / O-Drive 1200

O-Drive 1200 was developed around the idea of flexibility.

The wide output voltage range works on OLEDs with a variety of configurations from both LG Display (6 and 8.5v input), and other manufacturers.

With a selectable output current, the O-Drive 1200 can be controlled with an 8 stage dip switch. This means that users can attach different panel sizes and different colour temperatures that require different current ratings.

The O-Drive 1200 is also cost effective; it lets you connect a number of panels to one driver, saving you money and time. Details of this can be found in our data sheet.

Further, the dimming option on the O-Drive 1200 allows you to adjust the brightness on the panel. This means that you can experiment with brightness in your design using just one driver, without having to plan for the exact driver configuration in advance. For example, the different current stages are selected on the panel range of LG ensuring that a panel can be driven with its nominal current, as well as a higher value within the safety margin of the manufacturer. So the 10x10 cm panel in 2700K by LG Display, for instance, can be operated at 150mA, as per data sheet, but also at 250mA, leading to a 66% increase in brightness. Additionally, the user can dim the output current to min. 55% of the selected value via the trim potentiometer on the driver, thereby offering further adjustment options to define the right balance between brightness and panel life time, both ultimately determined by the current.

So can your design benefit from using O-Drive 1200?

Our main consideration was to offer a solution for applications where multiple OLED panels are used, for example in indoor lighting products. Due to their low power consumption, OLEDs are also ideal for battery powered solutions and O-Drive 1200 can be the ideal driver as it can be powered directly from battery.

We believe that the success of OLED lighting will depend on innovative designs that stress its unique features and hence offer an added value to the customer over other lighting technologies. O-Drive 1200 is intended to provide designers with a maximum degree of flexibility to deliver such innovative OLED ideas.

For further technical questions and volume enquiries, please contact us at shop@organic-lights.com.


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