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TripLit+Solar Charger
Colour Temperature 3000K
Luminance 1000-3000 cd/m2
Battery Runtime >30h
Power Capacity 14W
Battery Charge Time <2,5h
Dimensions 12.7x12.7x2cm 23x85cm
Lit Area 10.16x10.16cm
Weight 220g 700g
Output Voltage 5V
Output Current 2.1A
Material PC/ABS + TPE + Metal
Accessories Micro-USB cable and power adapter Micro-USB cable

Triplit+ brings you OLED light wherever you want it, even if there is no access to electricity. The bundle includes the Triplit OLED lamp together with our excellent solar charger. The charger is designed for outdoor-usage, is foldable and made of a water repellant fabric with inbuilt charging ports. Be it for your next camping trip, a nature discovery tour or simply for your garden or balcony, Triplit+ will ensure that there is always light around when you need it. If you have any questions, our Technical Support is happy to help.

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